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Analog Archives is a Tempest Mini Series set in the Tempest Films Universe. As of May 2019, Vol 1 of Analog Archives is still work in progress, with three episodes being aired thus far. Aidan Chick has called Analog Archives the successor to Channel 7.


Analog Archives: The story of Analog Archives does not have a set timeline. Most of the recordings happen between the 1980s and the 2010s, though all of these recordings are archived in the 2010s. To begin, Analog Archives is an analog horror series that covers 3 distinct yet interconnected stories of the Tempest Universe: Summer County, Hansen County, and Bucks County. Analog Archives in-universe is a collection of archives of tapes from these different counties, which are in North Carolina, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania respectively. The first episode, "Safety and Information", is a warning about a strange red static that can causes seizures and internal bleeding if seen on TV. The second episode, "Amber Alert", is an emergency alert broadcast depicting a missing child event. However, the same red static appears again as chaos ensues outside. In "Mall of the Future", an advertisement for a shopping mall in Summer County, North Carolina is featured. This advertisement features fine print 'notices' that warn of some kind of event on July 12.

Volume List

Volume 1

  1. Safety and Information
  2. Amber Alert
  3. Mall of the Future
  4. Physics