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Lockwood Hills (2008): In the fall of 2008, a group of student filmmakers named Mike, Lucas, Brendan, and Jackson led by director Alex head into a nearby forest in the enigmatic town of Lockwood Hills to begin shooting a low budget film. On the first day of production, Alex walks deep into the forest to record B-roll. While recording, Alex hears strange noises and decides to pack up and head home. There, he unloads the footage off of his camera and it turns out that it is corrupted. As a result, Alex calls a group meeting and discusses the issue. He tells the group that they must begin filming again, this time in a new location. The next day, the crew starts shooting immediately. Mike and Lucas are told to check to see if the woods are free of any mysterious noises. Unfortunately, they are not, as a loud noise pierces the sky shortly after the two walk out. Immediately following this, they turn around and see a strange white chair. Mike decides it would be best to tell Alex about it so they can wrap up early. Unfortunately for them, Alex is in no mood to cut the shoot short, and begins to lose his temper. While this is happening, Jackson goes to the forest to take a leak but is met with the stare of a faceless man in an orange parka.

At this point, Alex reluctantly decides to pack up. That night, Alex returns with his camera, eager to find what Jackson had seen. While in the forest, Alex encounters the white chair and a massive chain linked fence. He then turns around and sees the man, who is not really a man but a creature with massive protruding claws. In shock, Alex runs back home. The next day, Alex decides to hold a meeting with the crew to discuss the creature. However, he changes his mind and decides to film instead. Though unfortunately for Alex, Jackson didn't show up and the crew were clueless too as to his whereabouts. Regardless, Alex decides to shoot anyway but loses his temper due to the increasingly overwhelming weight of the situation. Mike and Alex begin to argue when Lucas discovers Jackson's phone on the ground. Alex takes the phone back to his house and finds that there is recorded footage on it. He plays the recording, which depicts Jackson wandering through the woods at night before coming across the creature. The footage glitches out and then shows Jackson's body being consumed by the monster. Following this revelation, Alex calls the crew over and it is revealed that Mike is now missing. However, Alex neglects to reveal the truth and instead initiates a search for Mike instead. The three split up in the woods, and Alex eventually finds Mike near the chain linked fence.

Mike isn't normal though, and runs away before Alex can catch up to him. He returns to Brendan and Lucas and reveals that he didn't see anything. However, back at the house, Mike is sitting in his car. The crew attempt to approach him, but he drives away. The next day, it is shown that Alex is losing his mind while Lucas is wandering around town. He eventually comes across Mike, who claims that he doesn't have any recollection of the events from the night before. However, just as Lucas is about to leave, Mike offers a deal. Mike says that he'll tell Lucas everything if he cuts his arm open with a knife, a knife of which Mike had kept in his hoodie pocket. Lucas reluctantly accepts the deal, and after he cuts his arm open, Mike then takes the blood and slathers it across his face. At this moment, Mike seems truly insane. He explains a place called Cypress with unseeable colors and unfathomable pain. he then explains how he wants to be with 'him'. Lucas is, at this point, freaked out. Meanwhile, Brendan, who had always been close to Alex, decides to check up on him. However, Alex isn't home and Brendan then discovers the remains of a burnt hard drive around the side of the house. He calls Lucas, who promises to drive over as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Mike, in his basement, sketches crude images of a circle with the caption "Epimetheus". He then shreds this paper and sketches the word "TESTER" onto another piece of paper, denoting the name of the creature. Following this, Mike cuts his hand open with his knife, spilling blood over the word. Back at Alex's house, Brendan has decided to explore the woods in search of his friend.

At the chain linked fence, Brendan becomes possessed by something and attempts to climb up the fence to reach whatever enigmatic thing lies beyond it. During his struggle, Brendan is stabbed in the back by Alex, where he is ferociously killed. It is at this point when Alex is revealed to be completely insane as he licks the blood off of his knife. Soon after, Lucas arrives in the forest in search of Brendan, where he comes across his dead body. Looking up, Lucas notices the Tester, and then runs away. He watches from a distance as the Tester feasts on Brendan's dead body. While watching, Alex appears behind him and Lucas quickly notices that he is acting strange. Just as Alex is about to attack, Mike appears, killing Alex in a brutal stabbing. Lucas escapes and Mike limps away after observing his dead opponent. The Tester then begins to feast on Alex's corpse. The next day, Lucas takes a walk to the park where he sits, thinking about the horrors that had just occurred. Then, Mike appears, seemingly returned to a state of sanity. The two talk about very mundane things before Mike walks away, leaving Lucas alone in the cold, empty park.