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Midnight Movie is the fifth installment of the Eventide Media Center series by Aiden Chick.

It starts out with somebody flipping through channels while recording on vhs. They first encounter commercials for a fast food restaurant called PitStop, then the time and temperature from the Somberville Local Bank and finally a toy commercial from Halloween Supplier offering a sale on plastic spiders.

On channel 8, the viewer catches the tail end of an old 1950's sci-fi horror movie. The end credits roll with the cast and crew of this movie. After they're done, an in memeoriam section appears that contains the majority of the cast and crew that worked on this movie. During this, a crack appears in the background, getting bigger as the names of the deceased appear on the screen. Finally at the end, the crack bursts open to reveal a skeleton of sorts, and the films' name: Attack of the Somberville Spiders.

Realizing something, the viewer rewinds back to the final shot of the movie: A city lays in ruin and covered in webs as a giant spider bears down on a terrified woman, As she screams, the movie cuts out to an ad for Spider Shield.