Rockstar (2016): Sometime in 2016, Jordan and his girlfriend Alayna are driving down an empty road on the border of Arkansas when they spot what seems to be a crime scene on the side of the road. One week prior to this event, world-famous hip-hop artist Austin Green, better known by his stage name Aury C., is performing at a concert. After finishing the concert, Austin enters his lavish home where he watches yellow static on the television. A doorbell interrupts his viewing and at the door is Jordan, who is revealed to be a former friend of Austin's. The two catch up on life when Austin accidentally reveals that he feels lonely. Jordan tries to help him, leading to Austin telling the story of how 'everything went downhill'. Sometime in 2011, when Austin was in high school, his best friend Red was mysteriously killed. Austin had found out after he had seen a strange creature while riding home when night. At his house, the same creature appeared again, prompting Austin to go to Red's apartment. Following the story, Austin explains that the creature is coming back and prompts Jordan to leave. When Jordan refuses, Austin yells, forcing him out of the house. A week later, Austin enters a room with a mirror and finds the monster yet again, causing him to freak out and attempt to run away. Unfortunately, the creature follows Austin, making him weaker and weaker. Eventually, Austin arrives at a field with caution tape, where he collapses in front of the monster. Fortunately, Jordan had already been there, and ran to save Austin from the creature. After successfully dragging Austin back to the car, Jordan collapses, having also been affected by the emotion-draining effects of the monster. He gets up and limps back to the site of the incident, but nothing is there.

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