The Promethean Project (December 2007-2009): In-universe, the Promethean Project is a Twitter account from character Ian Cliff who lives in Bucks County. Over the summer, Ian was involved in a mysterious encounter with the Interloper, where he ended up waking up in the middle of the road after entering a 'dream'. A day after starting his Twitter account, Ian gets a message from Hyperion Uprising, a group of hackers dedicated to finding the truth. He is prompted to join them due to his valuable knowledge of the Interloper. After joining Hyperion, Ian becomes known as Prometheus, and his mission is to work at the nearby Channel 7 tower to extract information and broadcast the hijacks. One night, he is visited by the PCA, a government agency dedicated to suppressing public knowledge, and especially dedicated to suppressing Hyperion. Ian's home was then placed under surveillance. Days later, Ian begins his work at the Channel 7 tower, where he meets Jason. However, a few hour later during a night shift, strange people walk in and place a device down. After waiting for them to leave, Ian hides the object in the crawlspace. That night, he also attempts to hijack the Channel 7 line, but fails. Jason finds out about this, but acts like he doesn't know that Ian was responsible. A few days later, Ian attempts to hijack the broadcast again. Around this time, strange noises start to emanate from around the station and Ian decides to investigate the room he was told not to go into. He does, and is met with a blinding blue light and a high pitched noise which knocks him out. When he gets up, he quickly transmits the broadcast. Later, Ian finds strange symbols of an upside down triangle and sketches of the Interloper, the being that he had encountered in the summer of 2007.

A few days later, Jason calls and asks to speak with Ian in private at Clearwater Hill Park. There, Jason reveals that he had known that Ian was responsible. However, in the background is the Interloper, which causes the two to black out. Ian then wakes up back at his house with no recollection of how he got there. Days later, Ian receives a package containing a VHS tape from Hyperion Uprising. The tape is a promotion message, promoting Ian to Rank 2. At this point, he begins to feel weary of the organization and their sketchy values. They try to prevent Ian from posting content to Twitter, which he perceives as strange and continues to do so anyway. As a result of drying orders, Ian is given a haunting warning by another member of Hyperion, but Ian continues to post regardless. He then goes back to the station one last time, but is met with the Interloper and Jason, who is now completely brainwashed and staring blankly at the wall. Ian takes Jason's keys, seeing that he has completely lost his mind. He looks for the device he had hidden in the crawlspace, but it is gone. On his way out, Ian encounters the Interloper again, which drains all of his energy and he blacks out. Days later, Ian wakes up in his bath tub. He then goes out to explore Jason's house, which he finds is completely empty save for a box full of Channel 7 tapes. After this, Ian proclaims that he is resigning from Hyperion Uprising after all of their shady actions involving the 'truth'. Unfortunately, the group had already anticipated this, and were at his house. Ian escapes to his friend Daron, and the two drive out of the state. Ian says his goodbyes and his apologies.

The next post occurs a week later and it depicts Ian running away from gunshots. Eventually, he makes his way to the Interloper, where he blacks out and falls to the ground. About a month following this event, a man named Paul finds Ian's phone and somehow guesses the password. Thinking the posts were part of an ARG, Paul then attempts to find the original owner of the phone but is unable to. After some time, he decides to convert the account into his personal photography account, with his banner art and profile picture featuring butterflies and the enigmatic upside down triangle. In addition, Paul also uploads the only photo saved on Ian's phone, that being of a strange municipal building in the woods. During this time, Paul goes on a photography shoot in Clearwater Hill Park, but is unable to because the park is closed down. He does, though, take pictures of the 'police blockade' and several structures that were erected in the park. Following this event, Paul goes on a trip to Greece where nothing abnormal happens aside from a post depicting a blurry picture of a piece of equipment amidst Greek ruins and the caption "strawberry fields forever". Paul claims to have no recollection of posting this. Shortly after, Paul travels to Cape May for yet another photography trip. This time, however, he explores a strange building on the beach, causing him to feel sick. All around him, the world begins to distort as strange objects appear and he has a vision of dying in a car accident. While driving home, Paul's car breaks down outside of Cape May in a marsh area. After exploring for a bit, he finds a tower and several objects that don't seem to belong in the marsh.

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